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Dec 4, 2019
I use to only pray before I go to bed but as of lately I've been praying randomly throughout the day and I admit it makes me feel better but its only for that moment. Its like a high it goes away then the problems are back.What are some things you all do to increase Faith. My daughter is really stressing me out. Id appreciate some feedback thanks for listening or reading lol.

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    Keep in mind that you and the people around you are changing as you move from your old ways of using and the way you use to act while high. As you continue to make progress some people will come around quicker than others and you have to accept that you only have control over your actions. Continue to pray for your daughter as you continue adding to your sobriety and as I said sometimes you just need to make a point to listen to something uplifting to recharge your spirit. When problems arise that are stressing just look at them as tests that the devil is throwing at you to try to throw you off your game so that you will make a bad decision that could cause you to miss a answer to a prayer, other tests may be Gods way of preparing you for what's to come
    • I hear you things just get so hard and confusing sometimes 

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      When you get a moment also look through the resources in the resource tab here. You may be able to find more help there, and of course continue to reach out here when you need to. This site is here 24/7 for you

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God Is Still In The Blessing Business And My Prayer Is That He Continues To Do Business With You