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Jan 5, 2020
In this new year and the years to come start looking at situations that arise that are not good (and there will ALWAYS BE SOME) as opportunities to think of other ways to do things that may make your life better. Focus more on what you're accomplishing and feel good about and less on things that happen that deppresses you that you also can't change. Sometimes take a moment to stop and and re-think about our situations we get into and without choosing to only focus on the negative, give God thanks for what you have and pray for guidance towards what you need.

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  • I know me personally when it comes to depressing situations i tend to Overthink them they dont go away I use to use to numb them but now that that is not an option i struggle to find different coping skills. Do you have any suggestions??
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      Although you will never have control over what random thoughts pop into your mind, you will always have control on whether or not you focus on a thought or make a choice to refocus onto another thought. The decision that you choose to make may be the difference between feeling better or worse. Sometimes we all need to take a moment to STOP AND RE-THINK because not all thoughts will be good ones.

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      I try to treat my negative thoughts the same way I treat being around negative people. For instance I use to hang around someone that I cared about that always had something negative to say about just about everything. In my mind I didn't remember her being so negative when I was high but realized that maybe she was and that was also what added to me wanting to use something. I also realized that my mood got worse when I visited this negative person so I had to choose for myself to sometimes be alone and other times be around people that where positive. I make a choice when depressing thoughts come to mind to be grateful for a chance to refocus my thoughts to ways I can improve my situation or to times when things where better. For instance if the thinking of a loved one that I lost makes me feel bad I can make a choice to only think about my loss or I can make a choice to think about a time we made each other laugh

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