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Dec 4, 2019
Hey my brother's and sister's Lately ive been trying to increase my faith now im far from perfect and I do my best to repent but sometimes i wonder why god put me in certain situations or give me certain feelings such as depression anxiety stress ect I know those feelings are me and my actions but when i pray i specifically ask for help in those areas but hey i guess prayer with no footwork is pointless huh?? Smh God Bless Everyone and I hope you all are well!

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    Hey Tonio, first I like to encourage you to continue to pray until your prayer is answered and also pray that you will become better at recognizing answers when you get them. Why do God allow us to go through some of the things we go through in life is a question that has been asked by many and will be asked by many more. It would be so much easier if we could just pray for what we want and get it before our prayer ends but if we did then we may miss a lesson that is hidden in our trials. For me when I experience trying times I think about some of the things that I have already made it through with the assurance that if God brought me out of one thing and I learned something from it then he can bring me out of something else also with a little more knowledge. I also make a habit of not just letting things that get me down build up too much without going somewhere to experience something that will lift me up. I too am far from perfect and do not just sit around all day everyday in church mode but sometimes I need to listen to a gospel song or go to church on a regular basis to hear some good news about someone that cared for me before I learned to care for myself. I have a few gospel videos here feel free to take a listen to them for now and get to a church service on Sunday to help you unwind from a week of the world.
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