Jessica Aubuchon posted a status
Feb 10, 2020
I am grateful today that christ is something i hear and feel without a doubt .He reached me from a dark place that seemed to keep me confused and stuck and patiently waited fof me to see his truth and light and wow what a fight i put up im 42 years old and sadly had to lean on mh own understanding because i had no adults guiding me like most do so gods grace and love for me moved huge mountains and took off my shackled and humbled me to slow me down so i could stand still and let God and today i am blessed instead of stressed and am able to attend to Gods purpose for me and thats sharing how my mountains were moved so i could see my messes as messages that are not holding me anymore i czn confidently walk with jesus now and help turn others messes into messages so wd ALL CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS TOGETHER.

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God Is Still In The Blessing Business And My Prayer Is That He Continues To Do Business With You