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Jun 20
Growing up in St. Louis as an African American man living in the divided states of America has not always been easy but I remain grateful that God always remained near to me awaiting on my call asking for help and guidance on how to develop a better personal relationship with Him. Though I am not where I would like to be I give thanks for no longer being where I use to be. My addictions led me to becoming homeless, sleeping in vacant buildings and on park benches. My seeking a better relationship with God has led me to being drug and alcohol free since June of 2006 and owning 3 homes, one of which is a sober living rooming house. I accept that I will never be a perfect man, but I'm grateful for yet another day to try to better myself while praying that I may be able to help someone else in the process.

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God Is Still In The Blessing Business And My Prayer Is That He Continues To Do Business With You