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Dec 2, 2021
Can't sleep, and was just up thinking about someone that owes me some money. They are still using and the money owed is from some drugs I gave them when we were getting high together and I had given them some of my drugs after they ran out. Guess I can just chalk it up as money lost in the game as I understand the grips that addictions have over some people. However I do feel a bit disrespected as the person doesn't make attempts to pay me back but realize that it is another issue that I will have to deal with as I continue to take things one day at a time and try to keep moving forward towards a better life without getting high. Anyone have thoughts on this matter?

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    Yes you can just count that as something that you will not get back. Although part of the street game states that you should get your money, the recovery game calls for you to change some of the people places and things that you where around when you were using. Don't even trip off that past debt as the person is still into their addiction and you will get even more money and other things as your sobriety continues.
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