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Mar 4
Good morning, and how are you today? Today I give God praise for a chance to bring awareness to Mental Health. Weather I reach one person or many more, each person matters. I had plans on going to a drug and alcohol meeting with my brother today, instead I am going to view his body before his funeral service tomorrow. Unfortunately he lost his battle with depression and addictions as he tried like so many others to deal with his issues by self medicating in silence. I can remember growing up and seeing people on television and started believing that people with mental issues belonged in padded rooms or facilities that could keep them heavily sedated for their safety and for the safety of others. Others who could afford it where able to talk about their issues while laying on a couch. It is my opinion that the second approach (talking about what's on your mind) is a much better option for most people. The problem is that many people seem to have the mindset that there's no problem as long as we don't talk about it. So they tend to keep their thoughts about not feeling worthy of love, or being depressed to themselves because in their minds, no one cares enough to listen and they can't afford time off work for time on a couch. Today for my birthday I ask that you share this post and more importantly, reach out to family and friends to talk or just to listen. Let them know that they are valued, loved, and that they matter to you. Instead of waiting to a funeral to say I love you, take advantage of opportunities to express your concern. Although you can not make anyone get the help that they are not ready to receive, you can let them know that in spite of their past mistakes that they are loved, and worthy of forgiveness and help. Let's wake up and be more aware of Mental Awareness.

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