Lord Who Am I

Lord Who Am I

Lord who am I
That you would love
Enough to send your son

As if I was important
As if I mattered
As if I was someone

Lord who am I
That you would watch over me
As I went through my test

Always by my side
Never late with a delivery
Of a way out of my mess

Lord who am I
That you would stand by
And watch me as I smoked crack

Not there to judge
But to only show love
While asking "Are you done with that?"

And when I said yes
Lord, I need your help
You were already reaching out your hand

You said I was always here
Welcome home my child
Your down, let me help you stand

Lord who am I
That you will never leave me
Even when I was wrong

The Lord said
You are my child
That was once lost
And I sent my Son to bring you home.

written by Anonymous Sinner

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