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James 1:12
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May God be with the many people that are on the front lines while trying to fight and slow the spread of this C-virus that has gone world wide. Also please take care of yourselves as I understand first hand how difficult it is to restrain from hugging a loved one, especially a child or grandchild. However we all can help make things a little easier on ourselves and others by unselfishly limiting the amount of guest we invite into our homes around our loved ones. Although we all as people need to be connected to others we all now also have an obligation to our families and friends to help stop the spread of the C-virus by limiting the amount of unnecessary contact with others.
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God is still in the blessing business and my prayer is that He continues to do business with you.
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Today I will not choose to believe a lie to myself that just one hit won't hurt. If you need help with addictions, abuse, or depression please look through the resource tab above for possible help near you and start yourself on a path to help by starting a conversation here today.

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God Is Still In The Blessing Business And My Prayer Is That He Continues To Do Business With You