THE FIRST PART OF DEALING WITH A PROBLEM IS ADMITTING THAT THERE IS ONE. IF YOU NEED ANY HELP DEALING WITH AN ADDICTION, FORM OF ABUSE, OR DEPRESSION PLEASE CLICK ON THE RESOURCE TAB ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION THAT CAN HELP YOU. Hello and welcome to Anonymous Sinners, a website that ONLY WORKS WHEN YOU USE IT. This site is a Christian based support group for all that have been affected by some form of an addiction, abuse, or depression as well as other consequences from living in a world of sin (HOWEVER YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRACTICE THE CHRISTIAN FAITH TO GIVE OR RECIEVE SUPPORT HERE). It is a free and safe place where you can use your real name or a username (to remain anonymous if you want) to open up a dialogue with others that can relate to and offer support to some of the things that are a part of our everyday lives. Some of which are because of the bad decisions we made ourselves and others that were the bad decisions of others that had an affect on us.  It was started by a sinner that while trying to find a place to fit in as a child, started using drugs and alcohol at the age of 12 and continued using until the age of 42. It was through the grace of God and the faith and prayers of myself and others that this Anonymous Sinner was able to overcome my addictions in June of 2006. Part of the reasoning for this site is that although I was fortunate enough to get into treatment I was not comfortable standing in front of others talking about myself and I wanted to create a place for someone to express themselves in private if they wanted to without feeling judged. I also understand that not everyone can afford to get professional help but many still could benefit from being able to discuss what's on their minds. Although going to meetings and speaking in front of groups have and continue to help many people around the world, public group meetings are not a one size fits all type of program. Anonymous Sinners is here to help those that may not feel comfortable speaking in public but wish they had somewhere to express themselves, as well as for others who are comfortable speaking in public. HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE that this site is not just for people that have dealt with some form of an addiction, abuse, or depression,  whether themselves, a family member, or a friend. This site is for sinners to come together as more than just another social network but as a life network and offer support to one another by relating to and offering helpful advice, prayer and encouragement to others during the times when life continues to happen which is 24/7. This site is here for you to use as an outlet for all of the times when keeping what is causing you pain and depression to yourself seems to always not help you or others all of the time. Sometimes it helps to let others know that you need help because more people may be willing to offer you a hand when they know that you need one. Although my sins may be different from yours, we are still able to relate to the sins of someone else and we all need the same Christ. So again welcome to Anonymous Sinners, feel free to respectfully express yourself and invite your family and friends to do the same. Have a great day and please keep in mind that THE ONLY REASON WHY THIS SITE WILL ONLY WORK WHEN YOU USE IT IS BECAUSE GOD WAS WISE ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU THAT IMPORTANT, YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR, AND THERE'S POWER IN YOUR TESTIMONY!!!!!  So share a testimony, open a discussion, or start a support group of your own today also keep in mind that this is a Christian based site where all sinners are welcomed but all content is not.  ANY POSTS , PHOTOS, OR VIDEOS THAT PROMOTE PROFANITY, NUDITY, SEXUAL PREFERENCES, NAMES & ADDRESSES OF PEOPLE YOU FEEL MAY HAVE CAUSED YOU HARM, OR HATEFUL POSTS AGAINST OTHERS WILL BE DELETED. God bless you.

God Is Still In The Blessing Business And My Prayer Is That He Continues To Do Business With You