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Dec 1, 2019
In my testimonies I use to say I found God which in fact He chose me. Being Alpha and Omega, knowing beginning and end of everything he also knows the heart and spirit of every creative being. This also means he knows who will eventually receive him as well as those who won't. Circumstances differ as to why many have and will reject the existence of an unseen god. My experience confirms to me that when there has never been an introduction to God's word though parents or other caregivers we must likely grow into believing what the world promotes over God's truth. Look at how personally disconnected we've become through modern technology, look at how in our own neighborhoods many view walking in God's love and compassion for other and weakness to be manipulated or abused.
The best thing my adopted parents ever did in my life was to plant that seed of belief. I could have easily dismissed the belief of a God able to affect my life and apart from the planted seed I probably would have and you wouldn't be reading this.
However, even though I strayed far away from that belief spanning years I know today that God never strayed, he was always there. How do I know? The things I've done, the critical situations I've found myself in, the chances I've taken with my well-being I could have easily died or still here but gone, { here physically but gone mentally}. I've witnessed it time and time again among those I chose to be around, many who never had that planted seed of belief. No matter how far off course we may get the planted seed of belief never fades away, it's only pushed further down by all the worldly mess we allow in. However, nonetheless, no matter how much ignored that seed remains our connection with God still able to set boundaries, limits to my madness. When I finally hit rock bottom, a dead man walking where there was nowhere to turn, no one to turn to the ignored planted seed of belief from childhood led me to turn to God who had always been there keeping me from self-destruction while waiting patiently for me to come to my senses. Today where life had no rhyme or reason I now have purpose and direction. Confusion and frustration have been replaced by peace and joy. I am an over comer through Jesus Christ our Lord who heard my cry, felt my pain, and saved my life and my soul.
Let us not continue to leave our young defenseless against the evils of this world, plant a seed of belief which is able to guide and even bring us back from the madness in our life of our own making. Even if the seed has never been planted God is still waiting for those who will receive Him.

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    Thanks for sharing this Steven, like you I was also blessed to have someone plant the seed about Christ in my heart and soul as a child and like many others as a teenager and beyond I made many mistakes thinking that I knew much more than I did. In my youth I spent most of my time in the here and now moments without concerning myself with the consequences that may show up tomorrow. I was lost in my own mind but blessed to know of a God that knew exactly where I was and how far I would go before reaching my breaking point which would in turn allow me to refocuss on that seed that was planted so long ago. I also agree and I am guilty of leaving some of our young defenseless against the evils of the world as I sometimes have to catch myself when watching something that is against my beliefs and yet I allow my grandson to watch television in another room. For now he is only interested in PJ masks and other kid appropriate programming which is good. Soon that will change as he continues to get older and television shows continues push the envelope further and further as it is already difficult to find any program on primetime television that does not include some kind of demons, gay activity, or drug activities. It is almost as if family values are just not important enough for television anymore. Therefore we all must start taking more time to plant more seeds about a savior that is capable of finding the lost.

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